The course features workshop with the following sensory practitioners:

September 15 :: “Working the space between the perceptible and the imperceptible”

Dorion Sagan, Author and sleight-of-hand magician

Author and co-author of twenty-four books translated into eleven languages, Dorion Sagan has written for Natural History, Smithsonian, BioScience, The Sciences, The Ecologist, Co-Evolution Quarterly, The New York Times, The New York Times Book Review, The Skeptical Inquirer, Wired, Pabular, Times Higher Education Supplement, Whole Earth Review, and Cabinet.  His best-known books include Microcosmos and What is Life?, co-authored with eminent biologist Lynn Margulis, and Into the Cool, co-authored with Eric Schneider. His latest books include, Death & Sex with Tylor Volk; The Sciences of Avatar, released exclusively on Kindle; and Notes from the Holocene, recently released in Chinese.

October 4 :: “Into the Whale”

Jeff Warren, Author and explorer of consciousness

“The greater the power of imagination, the wider the circle of here.” — William Blake

Can we know what it is like to be another animal? Most scientists and philosophers dismiss all such attempts as groundless anthropomorphism. But to paraphrase philosopher Ralph Acampora, just because we cannot know each other fully, does not mean we cannot know each other at all. Drawing on new research from comparative neurobiology, behavioral ecology, acoustic tomography, phenomenology, and the sensory dynamics of echolocation – as well as using immersive sounds, images, story and movement – author Jeff Warren presents some intriguing hints into the inner experience of the world’s great whales. What roles do empathy, embodiment, intuition and imagination have to play in exploring the limits of knowledge and science? An opportunity to dive deep into the whale’s umwelt.

October 21 :: “Re-touching the body”

Irene Healy, Founding Director, New Attitude Custom Made Breast Prostheses presents.

Healy is a visual artist and medical practitioner who creates various types of realistic custom-made facial and body prostheses. This has led her to research materials and develop methodologies that are unique to her practice. She is currently preparing a body of sculptural work for exhibition that incorporates her interests in the body with insights gained through her clinical practice. See

October 28 :: “Sensing Inner Worlds”

Tim Whiten, Artist, Shiatsu Practitioner and Professor Emeritus at York University.

Whiten’s practice has long been rooted in the exploration of the transcendental—spiritually, physically & mentally, often incorporating a variety of non-traditional materials from his daily experience, including glass, gum, hair, mud, blood, coffee grinds, juice containers, mirror, etc., in his quest to ‘conceal’ and/or ‘reveal’ our place in the physical world.