The Sensory Salon offers a glimpse into the research of 5 scholars working in the area of sensory anthropology

September 20

Melissa Atkinson-Graham (PhD Student in Social Anthropology) “Sensational Diagnosis: case notes on embodying and employing touch in the alternative health care practice of Craniosacral Therapy”

October 4

Jessica Caporusso (PhD Student in Social Anthropology) “Engineering the vibe: Audio engineers and technologies of attunement”

October 18

Julia Gruson-Wood (PhD Student in Science & Technology Studies) “Ethnography in the dark: dining at O.Noir”.

October 25

Laurie Baker (PhD Student in Social Anthropology) “Architextures and atmospherics: Sensual spaces and the politics of ritual configurations”

November 15

Kelly Ladd (PhD Student in Science & Technology Studies) “Robot Noses and Frog’s Eggs: Life in the anthropocene”